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Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder


Two and a half years ago, a mother whose ASD son was benefitting tremendously, told me about Crossroads. My son, diagnosed PDD —NOS, was 11 years old and had become aggressive and physical. Within two months of working with the great team at Crossroads, he was a different child. Today he is out of the self contained classroom where there were no expectations of learning and in a school for LD kids, where he is soaring. I always believed he could recover from the vaccine injury and he is, step by step, thanks to the breadth of approaches and incredible talent at Crossroads. —SS

My daughter, diagnosed PDD—NOS, has worked with the team at Crossroads for over three years. They research and find the best modalities for each child, including referring to experts in other modalities. Across all dimensions, her improvements have been phenomenal. Recovering your child requires a partnership, a key component at Crossroads. —SR

I had already tried neurofeedback for my developmentally delayed son somewhere else, but Crossroads is completely different. They use the newest, most effective neurotherapy modalities and neurodevelopmental support is integrated in the same session —it really works fast and he loves going. —JS

CFS, Fibromyalgia, Lyme, Mold Illness


I have been suffering from chronic Lyme disease and fibromyalgia for more that 15 years, and only after I was treated with the vibration therapy, did i feel much better. My pain was so bad I could not drive or rise up off a seat . The pain was a 10! Arthritis set in as well to add more discomfort and immobility. I am not cured, but this therapy combined with muscle analysis has given me relief to be able to walk and exercise again. I can only say that after I tried ALL doctors , physical therapy, acupuncture, herbs and more over the years that I feel human again, thanks to the therapies available at CrossRoads. -JSG



Each of us carry a unique style, special talents, a vast variety of strengths and weaknesses.  A potpourri of DNA soup that makes each of us so individual, so unique.  In this cauldron of possibilities, one might be a rock star, a president, a teacher....or one might suffer from an illness. I have had my share of delight in a world of health and success, until 3 years ago.

Lyme disease, followed by mold toxicity resulted in a whirlwind of illness, mental weakness, and compromise.  Hopelessness, depression, became a way of life.  Many hours spent with doctors, Lyme specialists, countless pills....still down and out.

Sheryl Leventhal utilizing functional medicine and Jackie DeVries, with neurofeedback and energy therapies have righted my path.  Not with pills, not with any one specific protocol.  Because there is not ONE protocol for any illness. This is what I have learned from being a patient in this unique practice. There are so many ways to treat an illness, because there are so many variations in people...and in their illnesses, and in their reactions to different modalities of treatment.

It amazes me how patiently I am treated. The healing path is organic, forged by a brilliance that combines knowledge, compassion and care, and driven by a will to heal.

I have not had a practitioner join me in my illness the way Jackie has. Like a family member, she expects to be updated and included, as each symptom or change can be a clue to solving this puzzle.  And as one path is explored, another is beckoned. 

I couldn't tell you her formula for making people well, but I can tell you that for the first time in 3 years, I feel like my former self.  Gratitude? There must be a stronger word.  Years of research, practice, trial and error, and so, so much caring, has brought us a healer that is as unique as we are. -RL




Following a decade of pain and headaches from a neck injury and having tried everyone and everything, I started working with Sandy. She is a confident and caring therapist, who makes you feel at ease. Working with Sandy has addressed my physical pain, and she is equally adept at supporting my emotional process. Through the use of applied kinesiology, we identified where I was holding tension and how to release it and I have benefitted from low level laser therapy. She has also helped me become aware of my thoughts and attitudes, offering positive affirmations to support my mental wellbeing. The last two years of working with Sandy have provided me with so many benefits besides relief from neck pain; I now have a real sense of wellbeing. —RC

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