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If your issues or concerns have been dismissed or downplayed by others, rest assured, the same will not happen with us. We have been personally touched by what many don't understand and we know what that is like. Our individual journeys have prepared us to be great resources for others traveling similar paths.


While we have a wealth of knowledge and resources available to support your wellness and/or assist in your recovery process, we know you are unique. We work collaboratively with each client to discover which approaches and modalities suit you the best.

Drawing on the knowledge base and experience of our team and extended networks, we brainstorm and can explore many options. By training in diverse modalities, we gain unique insights, often leading to novel solutions for resolving challenging health puzzles.


We start with an in-depth intake, which allows us to have a broad understanding of your health and brain function. This includes discussing your detailed health history, recording your brainwaves for a QEEG analysis and assessing nervous system (reflex) functions. Based on the results of these assessments, we make recommendations about approaches and modalities that we think will be most effective. As you receive therapy, we follow a reporting protocol that allows us to track and make adjustments -- we listen to you.

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