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Crossroads provides a comprehensive model through biomedical, neurocognitive and neurophysiological development approaches. Our individually customized programs assist each child in moving toward norms and feeling good in the process—maximizing each childs unique potential.

Recovering a child from autism is a complex task. Since 2007, we have been building an effective approach to tackle the many dimensions that must be addressed.

Neurofeedback, which enhances brain regulation, must be coordinated with biomedical support and diet/nutrition for the body.

Simultaneously, neurodevelopmental steps must be instigated—to mature the neurological system for maximum brain function.

To maximize recovery, we work towards balancing the bodies energy system while enabling detoxification through fascia release and enhancing the cranial sacral flow.

Through our unique approach, we partner with you to support your child’s recovery. For those at a distance, home programs are available.

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